06 April 2017

Commenting Works!

Yay! The latest two applications for use of Crown Land to investigate the feasibility of developing solar electricity generating facilities (ie. blanketing the place with solar arrays), have NOT BEEN APPROVED!

Comments, which became increasingly numerous as each new application came in, must have had a huge effect!  Keep up the good work! Now, if we could just get the other seven approvals rescinded until the BC Government developes policies and guidelines specific to solar installation, that would be terrific!  Or, if we could AT THE VERY LEAST get the two grants on the Skookumchuck Prairie IBA rescinded, that would be good, too.  It's an IMPORTANT BIRD AND BIODIVERSITY AREA, people! What's up with THAT!

I found FOUR Lewis' Woodpecker nests there in two hours last year, and that was just along a short stretch of back road, not the whole area granted to the solar company.

The IBA is not the only concern, though.  Do we want vast swaths of solar arrays covering ecologically valuable land? Or have we learned yet, that the seemingly unlimited resources that SOME of our ancestors saw in when they colonized, are not really so unlimited?  Can we go for the decentralized model of solar power production that would hopefully minimize ecological damage and may actually reduce our ecological footprint?