01 May 2009

Star Trek XI and the ST Universe

The light-heartedness of the Star Trek universe and its faithful fandom can all be attributed to William Shatner's famous remonstration for us all to "get a life"!

This remark freed us to be regular human beings in between our escapades vicariously accompanying the characters in all the shows and movies (I haven't read any of the books). Because of this remark, we are free in real life to incorporate the ideals of the show as laid out by Gene Rodenberry and the positive qualities of the characters in our day to day achievments and interactions without being labelled a fanatic since we can prove by our meer presence we do indeed have "a life".

Also, I would even go so far as to say, that this remark was the beginning of the 'coming out' of nerds across the universe.

Yeah Star Trek! Yeah G.R.! Yeah W. S.!

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