06 May 2010

Clay mud unforgiving

Almost the same colour - that Kootenay clay mud.

Now I know: it's actually easier to get a front-wheeled drive sedan out of foot-high muddy clay ruts than it is to get a 2-wheel drive light truck unstuck. Yup! It's true! But don't ask me to prove it to you cuz I'm NOT doing it again! I promise!

No damage done, except to our nerves! My partner wasn't relishing a 2 km walk back to the highway to flag a phone

But, I'm afraid point count co-ordinates beyond any kind of mud will definitely not be done. Throw in gravel boulder and slimy clay-covered hills into that list of no no's, too!

Nooo, the little Corolla is strictly an on - a - pre-defined - road vehicle. (Get it? 'pre-defined', you know ... like pre-defined point count co-ords? Oh, nvm.)

Lesson learned. Ah well.

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