09 December 2011

Western, Snowy Owls To End of Nov. 2011

eBird map of reported Snowy Owls to end of November 2011
And here are some links to Flickr photos round and about:



And from this flickr page, you can follow a link to a TV news piece from Washington State.
I really must go for a drive and look around! I have only ever seen them twice - once at Boundart Bay, off in the distance, where it was sitting on a piece of driftwood; and once at Ta Ta Creek - the one Dean and Valerie spotted and kindly reported a couple of years ago. They are beautiful birds, are they not!
Dianne C.


  1. A Vancouver birder reported:
    "Right now, there is an impressive concentration of 30 or more birds in the
    Vancouver area. Birders have seen up to 29 Snowy Owls at once from the foot
    of 72nd Street on the north side of Boundary Bay. There have been 4 to 6
    Snowies as well around Brunswick Point, just south of the Reifel Bird
    Sanctuary. These are the highest numbers since 1996."

  2. I really really want to see a Snowy Owl! In CT now..maybe a chance. :)

  3. I hope you get to see one, too! I am still looking, of and on, too! I am not near the 30 or so on the coast, lol.