05 May 2012

Dusky Grouse Displaying - Animation

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Dusky display on youtube

I must learn to give myself more time to get places. Afterall, you never know when you will see something interesting, and now that I am in the habit of usually having my camera with me, I am more likely to stop and try to capture the moment. Take this Dusky (aka Blue) Grouse male, for example.

This poor male was being lead back and forth across a country road by his "intended" while vehicles went by every so often.  He kept puffed up like this the whole time I watched the pair.  She was strutting nervously in the brush but fluttered off, keeping low to the ground, whenever he charged too close for her comfort. Guess she wasn't quite ready.

Not being sure how long the pair would stick around when I approached, I opted to take still photos rather than use movie mode.  Since I got several photos in a series, I decided to brush up on my animation skills in my old Photoshop CS4 extended.  That was fun!

I hope he got what he was looking for!

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