09 February 2013

eBird Live Map

Very cool:  real-time checklist submissions to the online bird sighting database eBird out of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.

Two people with eBird accounts submitted a checklist at the time the screenshot below was taken. Anyone with internet access anywhere on Earth can have an account and record their bird sightings from anywhere around the globe to keep track of their own sightings and share them.

Each checklist must record at least one species of bird.
The most useful checklists for data analysis are ones where you record all the birds you can identify
- either at a single location for at least 5 minutes, or
- if you are walking, biking, or touring in a motor vehicle, you record what you see in stretches about 8 kilometers (5 miles) long at most.
You can enter sightings from today, or day in the past, and you can attach photos and record a few notes, too!

All sightings entered are checked for accuracy, either automatically by a software programme, or by volunteer 'reviewers'.

Like I said above - all very cool!


Screenshot showing two checklist submissions occuring

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