06 May 2013

BirdTrax / Accubirder

Updated 14 Jan 2017

BirdTrax is no more.  Please use eBird's "Explore Data > Explore a Region - Enter: East Kootenay" to see our latest sightings.  You showed them how to do it, Zachary; thank you!

Over on the right side of this blog page is a cool gadget developed by birder, eBirder, and a very generous young man named Zachary DeBruine.

Here is more about Zachary: http://www.nemesisbird.com/

The BirdTrax / Accubirder gadgets (code) can be customized to display recent eBird checklists from any area you wish, unlike the eBird homepage which shows Provincial "rarities" only. And the gadget shows all checklists and  most of the sightings, not just rarities.  I first used it on my iGoogle homepage so when I heard iGoogle is going to be discontinued, I embedded the gadget here because I have grown quite fond of it.

If you are in an adjacent 'county' to Southeastern British Columbia and also have the gadget, I would love to know so I can check out your area's birding activity. Please leave a comment below with a link to your blog / webpage. Thanks.

You can get the gadget and instructions on the following website:


  1. Cool thanks for sharing this gadget I added it to mine its downloading checklists I guess.

  2. Hmm, doesn't seem to be working for you. I forget how to set it up, lol, sorry. Looking forward to catching up on your blog tomorrow! Thx, Ry.