10 August 2016

Two New East Kootenay 200's

By Number of Species

Congratulations to our two new members of the Top 200 Club for the East Kootenays, Bob Livsey of Fernie and Alan Barnard of Wardner, for reaching 200 species on their 'county' life list!

Bob's 200th species was Least Flycatcher at Maiden Lake in Fernie and Alan's was American White Pelican at Wardner.

By Number of Checklists

The Top 2000 Club for number of complete checklists is another little 'motivator' for birders.  In the East Kootenay, the record is held posthumously by Mildred White, a local, long-time birder who passed away in 2001.  Her checklists on eBird inspire us all.

Check your 'County Life List'

To check your life list for the East Kootenay:
> click on the tab 'My eBird'
> click on the number under 'Life' to the right of 'East Kootenay, British Columbia,
- you will be taken to a new page showing a list of all the species you have recorded on eBird for the Regional District (County)

- you can sort by any of the columns: Alphabetic or Taxonomic species name, Location, 'S/P' county, or Date.

My 200th species was Northern Mockingbird at Reade Lake, 16 July 2008.  I remember that bird!  I can still see it in my minds eye as it floated down toward the little shed at the edge of the lake!  It perched for a bit to give us a fairly decent look, then flitted away, as those smaller birds always seem to do.

Since my 200th local species, I have added on average 6 or 7 species per year.

- you can download your lists in csv format (click on 'download (csv)' at the top right on the white area of the list).

Happy eBirding! and keep up the good work!  Thank you for your eBird observations!

What was YOUR 200th bird?  Leave a comment!

Dianne C.

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