29 June 2017

Lewis' Woodpecker nesting in solar granted lands

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UPDATE: went out the other evening and got two more confirmed LEWO nests. We have been driving right by them! Sneaky birds.

= 23 Lewis' Woodpecker nests with young or probable; in an area approx 3 km sq; found in approx 16 hours of surveying.  Extrapolate that to suitable habitat JUST on the Prairie (not the whole IBA) and I figure there could be 90 pairs nesting.

Enhancement and restoration work done a few years ago on the Skookumchuck Prairie Important Bird and Biodiversity Area has been very beneficial to Lewis' Woodpecker.

Unfortunately, this apparently barren and open land in an area purported to be the sunniest region in Canada has also caught the attention of renewable energy companies wishing to build solar arrays.  I hope the grass-roots movement toward small-scale solar power generation takes hold and leaves the grasslands' grass roots to pull carbon deep into the soil. Let the critters keep their home.

I have been able to survey the IBA for Lewis' Woodpecker where there are passable roads.

Here is a map showing:
     the solar land grant in pink
     found (10 confirmed) or probable LEWO nests
     one American Kestrel nest
     telemetry of Long-billed Curlews (see previous post)

Oopsy, I didn't know for sure if you were in there, little buddy!

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