04 July 2017

Curlew Update 4 July 2017

Mojo the Long-billed Curlew 

set out from Skookumchuck Prairie IBA at 9:30 pm on the first of July, 2017 following two females, Mildred and Pine, who left the area on the 21st of June.  All three birds flew straight toward Enterprise in northeast Oregon.  Mildred and Pine stopped at Enterprise for a bit before continuing on to California, but Mojo went past, turned southwest along the Malheur River, a tributary of the Snake River, and managed to find some agricultural fields out in the middle of nowhere, for goodness sake.  His last co-ordinates placed him south of Juntara, Oregon.

Mojo flew past the fields where Mildred and Pine took a breather

Mojo found some fields, Granite Creek Road, Juntara, Oregon


What fate has befallen Equina?  Her transmitter has not been transmitting since 29 June and today I found a very small pile of curlew feathers beside the highway near her last known co-ordinates between Moan and Ford Roads.

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