24 September 2011

eBird Maps Improved

Ooohhh! Ebird maps are getting very cool!

Now you can easily find out exactly where something was seen to help you plan birding trips.

Go to. View and explore data

Make a bar graph for a Regional District (aka County, in eBird) to see all the species and their seasonal occurence by month.

Study the checklist and pick a bird you are interested in then click on the 'Map' button to the right on the name.

A map with rectangles will appear showing grid squares with sightings.

Just zoom in - by double clicking the map. - far enough until the little markers appear. These show where the bird was seen!

For more info, click on the markers to see date and observer.

Very nice.

The above screen shot shows GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE in the East Kootenay area. It didn't seem to get updated with the sightings I just entered. Lag or sighting review pending, I suppose.

But here is a picture courtesy of David Sindholt, birding friend, taken later the same day - 21 Sep 2011

Thanks to Dean N. For the heads-up post on our Yahoo group.


Dianne C.

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