28 September 2011

Flipboard screenshot of one of my twitter searches

From Blogger Pictures

Well, it got cropped, I think but ...

I'm liking this "Flipboard" app for mobile tablet, especially for quick browsing of my facebook, twitter, flickr, and google reader pages.

Not only can you see your main page / timeline / photostream / list, but you can access most of the other features of the social media, and in one case, it's better than the original!

Say you marked that you liked a facebook page, never to hear from it again because its posts are not included on your wall. As far as I can tell, your list of pages is buried in a long paragraph format by following the command line Profile > Info > More Pages. Too onerous!

On flipboard, it's included in the list of the drop down menu right in front of your face top centre!

Plus! On twitter, if you have already set up some saved searches, voila! There they are! Same place, top centre dropdown menu.

The flipboard presentation format on a tablet is pretty attractive and fun to browse. So neat.

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