30 January 2016

Long-billed Curlew Migration from eBird

It almost looks as if there are two populations of Long-billed Curlew: Pacific- and Gulf- wintering birds.

Or maybe even three populations with two on the Pacific: the southern Pacific bunch spreading northward from there to as far as the Canadian prairies to breed, and the northern bunch spreading as far north as central British Columbia.  Only radio trackers can tell.

Their habitat is mostly yours, US, Mexico, and Central America! But we've got significant breeding habitat here in Canada even though they are only here for 3 or 4 months.

We love them. Please take care of them down there. They're all our birds.

PS a tracking blog: http://ibo.boisestate.edu/blog/what-happens-in-vegas/

     and the map: http://ibo.boisestate.edu/curlewtracking/locations/

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