19 January 2016

Skookumchuck Prairie IBA

I'm studying up in preparation for being the new 'caretaker' for the Skookumchuck  Prairie Important Bird Area. (Not the Skokie chuck  that my auto correct keeps insisting on calling it. What is a Skokie chuck, anyway  - hope it's nothing rude).

Here it is on the IBA website (not I VA stupid auto-correct)

There are a few Long-billed there in the breeding season. And some Lewis' Woodpecker. Should be fun! Since the Breeding bird atlas ended, I have been a little directionless, so this will be good. Hopefully gas prices will go down.

Pics to follow in the spring! Cheers!

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  1. Oh. There's a Chuck-ie Cheese's in Skokie = autocorrect me if I'm wrong.