17 January 2016

Monthly eBird Averages and January 2016

FYI to give focus to your (my) birding goals for the year, here are the average numbers of species by month recorded on eBird for the East Kootenay from 2010 to 2015.

Jan     51     Thank you team of 30 eBirds! We are above average at 68 sp! Woot!
Feb    52
Mar   83
Apr  118
May 173
Jun  155
Jul   150
Aug 137
Sep  112
Oct     91
Nov   68
Dec    56

To date, we have collectively recorded 56 species; the remarkable ones being higher than usual numbers of Pine Grosbeak and White-winged Crossbill. Numbers of Bohemian Waxing are lower than usual.

Of all the species that have ever been recorded, there are still a couple of dozen we could get in January.  Since our club is not doing a 'Winter Challenge' this year, perhaps you would like to focus on getting  these for the monthly list and adding them to eBird (for eBird beginners, I recommend starting with the 'Incidental' or 'Stationary' types of checklists - correct species, date, time, location, and duration are all you really need).

Here are the possible species we could add to the January list:


Happy birding!

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